Yellow Breeches EMT saves patient in Mount Holly Springs

It’s no secret that the job of a first responder is anything but easy.

Taking calls can mean long hours, time away from family and PTSD. But every day hundreds of men and women in Cumberland County answer those calls.

Every week, The Sentinel’s Sirens for Service feature will aim to show the faces of these people and share their stories.

The series focuses on why they became a first responder and highlights a specific call from their service that influenced them and reminds them of why they do what they do.

Corby Sloan - Yellow Breeches EMS

EMT Corby Sloan has served with Yellow Breeches EMS for about 13 years and with Citizens Fire Company in Mount Holly Spring for approximately 28 years.

Maddie Seiler

Corby Sloan

Agency: Yellow Breeches EMS, Citizens Fire Company

Time with company: 13 years with Yellow Breeches EMS, 28 years with Citizens Fire Company

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Q: Why did you become a first responder?

A: I had family that did fire police with Mount Holly Springs Fire Company and then I joined when I turned 18, so probably about 28 years ago. Then I just wanted … something different, more challenging, so I decided to become an EMT.

Q: Can you describe a call that has influenced you? What did that call look like and why did it impact you?

A: We had a patient go down at the laundromat for a cardiac arrest. We worked him, got his pulses back and so today he’s still alive, walking and talking. It was a challenging event, our closest ALS (Advanced Life Support) was coming out of Carlisle but they were delayed response, so we had everything done with the patient before ALS arrived on the scene without ALS care.

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