Whiteline Consulting & Training prepares EMTs

VAUGHN — Montana and the entire nation is facing shortages in EMT services. With 88 full-time ambulance vacancies in Montana alone, the problem is glaring. That’s excluding vacancies at volunteer stations.

John Carlbom, CEO of Whiteline Consulting & Training based in Butte, hopes his class can help ameliorate the problem.

Unlike many other EMT trainers he takes a live, hands-on approach from day one.

“We do a ton of hands on. Almost starting from day one. We’re only in week three, and we’re doing full scale scenarios. It gives them that confidence that when they do get on a real call, they’re going to be nervous, but they can say, I’ve done this scenario,” says Carlbom.

The course walks through nearly every applicable scenario including overdose, stroke, heart attack, car crash, gunshot wound, etc.

Whiteline Consulting & Training prepares EMTs

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Whiteline Consulting & Training prepares EMTs

The average career span of an EMT professional is just three years, down from five years just a few years ago.

“We see a lot of burnout for folks. We want to avoid those burnouts. So the more we can get into the industry, we’re not putting quite so much of a load on the individuals. We’re kind of spreading it out,” says Tyler Elwood, a former student of John’s and now a clinical patient transporter.

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