Suspect Indicted for Stabbing EMT Inside Mt. Sinai Ambulance

A man that allegedly stabbed an EMT worker transporting him to Mount Sinai West has been formally hit with attempted murder and assault charges.

Prosectors said that the July 19 incident began around 8:20 p.m., when 25 year-old Julia Fatum responded to a call at W. 94th St. & Amsterdam Ave. and picked up 48 year-old Rudy Garcia for transfer to the Midtown West hospital. He had reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest.

According to the D.A.’s office, Garcia threw a gum wrapper at Fatum shortly after they pulled into the emergency bay. When she asked him to “stop,” he allegedly unsheathed a large kitchen knife he had hidden in a sock and proceeded to stab her in the chest, arm, and left leg numerous times.

Fatum lost a “significant” amount of blood from her injuries, and had to receive stitches for her chest wound and emergency surgery on her leg right away. She also reportedly suffered nerve damage in her left arm, and is still in recovery.

Mount Sinai security guards were able to restrain Garcia until NYPD officers arrived and arrested him.

“As alleged, Rudy Garcia viciously attacked an EMT who was doing her job and coming to his aid. I’m grateful for the swift action of other members of the Mount Sinai Health System and the NYPD. My thoughts are with the victim as she continues to recover and heal,” Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said of the indictment.

In a statement released after the stabbing, the union 199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East (which represents EMTs) noted that “more resources must be directed towards the staffing and safety of EMTs and paramedics citywide, so that workers aren’t placed in situations where they are unable to protect themselves. Ensuring appropriate staffing levels, shifts, rest time, and the support of other first responders is imperative.”

The union also made and sent out “Justice for Julia” solidarity bracelets in partnership with her mother.

A GoFundMe page for Fatum had raised $44,251 when it closed out on August 11. It was started by Pedro Evhevarria, who described himself as “a friend and coworker of Julia” that had one request of his audience: “Please, let’s come together and help her financially.”

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