Sacramento-based pet rescue to help in Hurricane Idalia aftermath in Florida

Sacramento-based organization helps animals during crisis events

Sacramento-based organization helps animals during crisis events


SACRAMENTO — A Sacramento-based pet rescue is preparing to send emergency services to the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia.

The team that started in California’s capital city has actually expanded across the nation, so they already have emergency responders in Florida standing by to help.

RedRover focuses on saving animals in a crisis and this is not the first time they have been sent to storm zones. What makes this different than other emergencies is the experience Florida has in these situations. They know the drill.

The governor waived all pet policies for evacuations, which allowed people to bring their animals to hotel rooms. Even still, there are thousands of pets that were left behind or who ran away if their owners chose not to evacuate. That’s where emergency response teams from RedRover can help.

Beth Gammie, the leader of the team that coordinates response, is in Tallahassee. She doesn’t have electricity but said her area was spared the worst of the damage.

Gammie talked through how past emergencies like Hurricane Katrina changed the way they operate, calling it a game-changer.

“Out of all of that, a lot of animal groups came together and realized we need to coordinate more and do better and professionalize the field a bit,” she said. “And we’ve been a part of that effort. 2:05

Gammie will be on a federal response call soon to determine if they will need a team to mobilize.

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