Midwest City Nursing Home Workers Deliver School Supplies To Elementary Schools

Nursing home workers brought school supply donations to elementary schools in Midwest City.

Sienna is an extended care nursing home and rehab facility in Midwest city.

“We’ve been in business since we built back in 2009, just over on Harmony and Douglas,” said Adam Stephen, with Sienna Extended Care and Rehab.

Workers at the facility wanted to come up with a way to support the Midwest City community.

“It was on a couple of my staff members’ hearts that they just wanted to do something for the community and become a better community partner,” said Stephens.

The decision to buy school supplies was easy for the nursing home, and when they reached out to some of their vendors, they were on board as well.

“They were graciously nice enough to donate some substantial amounts of money and we were able to buy some school supplies and bring them to the two local schools here in Midwest City,” said Stephens.

Country Estates Elementary and Soldier Creek Elementary were recipients of the big surprise.

“I don’t believe the principles knew, which was kind of fun to surprise them with the supplies and just see the excitement on their face and it warms our hearts too,” said Stephens.

“I am totally excited, because this is going to meet a great need for all of our teachers, and our students are going to benefit,” said Caren Rickwalt, lead principal at Soldier Creek Elementary School.

A great surprise and also a timely surprise.

“School supplies are always needed. Here at Soldier Creek, our teachers are teaching, and our students are learning, and those school supplies are being used up all the time,” said Rickwalt.

As those that take care of the elderly met those that care for kids met for the first time, there was an instant connection.

“Try to fulfill needs that are unmet, just by the lack of budget or constraints there, something that I think the community is responsible for, to step in and help in any way that they can,” said Stephens.

After the donation, the staff was all smiles.

“Helps the whole child, learn, succeed, grow, and that is ultimately what we want to see happen,” said Rickwalt.

The school supply donations actually opened the door for more collaborations, in fact they have already agreed for the kids to sing Christmas carols for the Sienna residents.

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