Hurricane Idalia: cash assistance and emergency relief for Florida communities hit by disaster

Since 2020, CARE has worked to create a network of humanitarian partners around the U.S., particularly locally led organizations rooted in their communities, to provide food, jobs, and emergency resources through the CARE Partner Relief network.

Last year, the the network mobilized a rapid response to Hurricane Ian, providing $238,500 in emergency cash assistance to 258 families, 92% of them women-headed households and 96% Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

In response to Idalia, CARE is working with Feeding Tampa Bay (FTB), a CARE Network partner that collaborated successfully with CARE during its response to Hurricane Ian and that focusses on one of the regions Idalia’s landfall has hit the hardest.

For the immediate relief phase, CARE and its partners are providing up to $1,000 in cash assistance to affected families, so they can purchase items they need to weather this crisis.

CARE is widely respected worldwide for its experience in effectively using cash interventions as a tool during emergencies. In the U.S., cash is often what families need most, yet is an underused tool in the emergency relief space.

Cash will ensure that families can meet their unique needs and have access to essential foods, medicines, and hygiene supplies.

Cash assistance is especially impactful for women and girls, as their needs are often overlooked during a crisis. No major humanitarian relief organization in the U.S. other than CARE is specifically targeting women-led, BIPOC families even though it is these communities who often bear the worst of a disaster’s impact.

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