feedback on nurse shortage, migrants & farmers market marijuana

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – Nursing shortages are hitting hospitals across the country. Last week at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, one nurse hit the tipping point and quit. That prompted the nurses’ union to put a spotlight on the problem:

I gave up nursing after 20 years. I decided to try hospital nursing after working a clinic for 18 years. I lasted four months. It’s brutal.

Shawna Sierra Galloway

Get real. It’s laziness pure and simple…They don’t want to work and want more and more money.

Peter Bilt

The issue isn’t people “not wanting to work”…This is about safety for nurses AND for patients.

Morgan Harris

Governor Hochul promises upstate will not be forced to deal with thousands of asylum seekers from New York City:

Forced is the key word. It’s not going to stop. She’s saying they will not be forced.

Bryan Rose

If NYC doesn’t stop accepting as a sanctuary city, those 600/day arrivals WILL be up here sooner than you think.

Susan A. Hewson

The state is starting to allow marijuana sales at farmers markets. The vendors who legally farm cannabis can set up shop alongside people selling fresh produce and homemade crafts:

I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Heath Chambers

Absolutely not.

LeAnn Heath Garrow

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