Counseling Services has launched a new online virtual training program called Kognito

University of Nevada, Reno Counseling Services has launched a role-play simulation program to allow faculty, staff and students the opportunity to help someone experiencing mental distress. Kognito is a completely online, interactive simulation that gives you the tools to make our campus a safe and supportive community that promotes mental wellbeing.

Kognito is now available campuswide through Counseling Services. Kognito offers two separate training options for students and faculty/staff. The student course takes 30 minutes to complete. The At-Risk Mental Health for Students option will teach students to recognize signs of mental distress in their friends, how to check-in with them and how to approach them about getting professional help when they need it. The other option that Kognito offers is At-Risk Mental Health for Faculty and Staff. In 45 minutes, faculty and staff will learn how to recognize the signs of mental distress in students and learn techniques for approaching them and referring them to Counseling Services, if needed.

Kognito has been proven to change the behavior of faculty, staff and students. This simulation allows users to learn about psychological distress, how it impacts college students, and what they can do when they are concerned about a student. Through the role-playing aspect of Kognito, it allows the user to practice conversational skills and empathy. It helps the user prepare to lead real-life conversations with others that build resilience, strengthen relationships and connect them with support. While it helps the user strengthen their relationship with those around them, it also helps them gain confidence in themselves. They are given tools to cope with stressful situations as well as how to advocate for themselves.

Counseling Services already offers a variety of services to help fit the mental health needs of students. They offer virtual relaxation tools, emergency helplines, same-day appointments and group therapy options. Kognito is the newest way in which Counseling Services is trying to make the campus a safe and supportive community. Faculty, staff and students may access Kognito on the Counseling Services website and the user will then be prompted to log in with their NetID.

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