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CARTERET COUNTY – Carteret County Emergency Services is actively monitoring Hurricane Idalia as it moves towards northwest Florida. The safety and well-being of our community members remain our top priority, and we are taking proactive steps to ensure that all necessary preparations are in place.

In collaboration with local, state, and federal partners, we are working diligently to stay informed about the developments of Tropical Storm Idalia. Our partnership with the National Weather Service (NWS) has provided updates into the storm’s potential impacts on our region. While the extent of these impacts remains uncertain and dependent on the storm’s track and intensity, it’s important for all residents to be prepared.

According to the NWS reports, Tropical Storm Idalia’s impacts on Carteret County are projected to increase as we move into mid-to-late week. While the precise track of the storm is yet to be determined, Emergency Services Director Stephen Rea emphasizes the importance of early preparation: “There is a lot of uncertainty with the track of this storm, but the time to prepare is now as we would see impacts from Idalia as early as Wednesday evening. Generally, the tropics become more active in August and September, so now is the time to check your family emergency plans, gather essential supplies, and stay informed about changing weather conditions.”

Plans should include:

• Have an emergency plan and practice it. Know where you would go if you need to evacuate. Plan to stay with family, friends or at a hotel. Be sure to plan for elderly relatives and pets.

• Gather some emergency supplies and refresh your emergency kit. Visit for information on how to build an emergency kit.

• For properties that require sandbagging, sandbags are available for purchase at local hardware stores. Sandbags should be used for low-flow protection (up to two feet). Protection from higher flows requires a more permanent type of structure.

• If you have lawn ornaments, garbage cans, toys, or play equipment, make sure you secure them away in a safe place like a garage.

• Visit to see if you are in a predetermined evacuation zone. Learn your zone and listen for evacuations if they are ordered by local governments. If you are in an area that floods regularly, you will want to watch the updates closely.

To ensure the safety of our residents and visitors, we advise closely monitoring local media for real-time weather updates and reviewing your personal emergency response plans. Our Emergency Services team is actively participating in daily conference calls to stay up-to-date on the storm’s path and potential impacts.

– Prepared by the Public Information Office –

For those who have not yet registered, Carteret County offers the CodeRed Emergency Notification System. This free service delivers voicemail, text messages, and email notifications about emergency situations, providing timely information and instructions for necessary actions. To register, visit

Carteret County Emergency Services updates will appear on the Carteret County website at and on the Carteret County Facebook page @carteretcounty. For the latest weather updates and information on Tropical Storm Idalia’s progress, visit the National Weather Service website at

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